We are Hiring!

Are you, or someone you know, interested in a career that will impact the lives of more than 6 million schoolchildren?

CalRecycle’s Office of Education and the Environment is accepting applications for two Education Programs Consultant (EPC) to support implementation of California’s unified education strategy for the environment (also known as the Education and the Environment Initiative), an effort to integrate environmental literacy into kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) instruction for 6.2 million students. This position is based in Sacramento and involves travel throughout the state.

Read more about these positions and apply today!

How To Apply

  • Application deadline: 8/10/2019.
  • This position is open to current state employees who are in the Education Program Consultant (EPC) classification, eligible for transfer, or have list eligibility.
  • If you are not currently a state employee, you must gain list eligibility by taking an exam.
  • Minimum qualifications to take the exam can be found here.
  • To take the exam, please follow these instruction from the California Department of Education:
  • VIDEO How to Apply for a State Job.

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