Celebrate Book Lovers Day with Big Books from the EEI Curriculum

Bibliophiles rejoice! Today is Book Lovers Day, an annual celebration of reading!

If you are an early elementary school teacher looking for books to share with your students, the EEI Curriculum has a treasure trove of “big books” that will satisfy your needs.

These fiction and non-fiction stories are sure to engage your students since many have connections to California people, places, and animals – real world examples from their own backyards!

Big Books are a great way to support Common Core standards, especially those for reading, speaking and listening skills. Teachers use these large, visually rich books, either printed or projected, to engage younger students in shared reading and discussion.

Kindergarten Reading Level

k.3.c_CC-A Day in My Life

A Day In My Life

In this Big Book, students learn vocabulary related to resources, natural systems, and conservation through colorful photos, poems, and songs.

This book is a part of the Kindergarten science unit, A Day in My Life.

k.4.5 & K.6.3_CC-Our School-Our Town

Our School and Our Town

This Big Book of photographs from 1900 tells the story of what school and life in California were like long ago. This photo journal allows students to make comparisons between life then, and life now.

Our School and Our Town can be used with the Kindergarten history unit, Some Things Change and Some Things Stay the Same.

First Grade Reading Level

1.2.d_CC-Life on Channel Islands

Life on California’s Channel Islands

Using animals that live on the Channel Islands as examples, this book provides students with a context for understanding the types of physical features that help certain animals survive.

This book compliments the EEI first grade science unit, Open Wide! Look Inside!

 1.2.4_CC-Two Different Places

Two Different Places

This book tells us about two cousins living in different areas of California, Oceanside and Mt. Shasta City. It compares the differences between the cousins’ everyday lives, the areas where they live, and explores the variation of seasons in each place.

This book is part of the first grade history unit, People and Places.

1.4.2_CC-On The Move Through Time

On the Move Through Time

This book explores different types of vehicles, how they have evolved over time, and the type of natural resources they use to move.

On the Move Through Time is a component of the first grade history unit, On the Move.

Free Big Books for California Teachers

These beautiful and graphically rich big books are available, at no cost, to California teachers.

If you are new to the EEI Curriculum, watch one of our On-Demand Webinars to order your free printed materials.

How are you celebrating Book Lovers Day? Comment below and tell us your plans.   

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