5 Nonfiction Student Readers for Read Across America Day

Read Across America Day is a nationwide reading celebration held annually on March 2 – the birthday of famed children’s author Dr. Seus. This year’s celebration marks the 21st anniversary of Read Across America Day, and the National Education Association is encouraging teachers to share the joy of reading with their students by planning a reading event.

The EEI Curriculum contains non-fiction student readers that you can use for your Read Across America Day events. Like the EEI Curriculum, these readers feature stories about California people, places and animals that are sure to engage your students. Best of all these readers strongly support Common Core English Language Arts skills, and with their rich graphics are useful for English language learners as well.

Here are five early elementary readers you can use for your celebrations:

Kindergarten – A Day in My Life

A Day In My LifeThis Kindergarten reader contains poems and songs that highlight the natural resources that people depend on – like water for drinking and wood for shelter.

First Grade – Beavers and Where They Live


In this first grade reader, students learn about beavers and their environment, and how living things in a river habitat get the resources they need to survive.

Second Grade – The Tall Pine and the Big Eagle

Tall pine and eagle

This second grade reader tells the story of the life cycle of bald eagles alongside the life cycle of the Monterey pine, the ecosystem in which they nest and hunt.

Third Grade – Roots and Cones; Beaks and Tongue

Students read about the structures of plants and animals in this third grade reader modeled to look like a biologist’s field notebook.

Fourth Grade – California Natural Regions


This biodiversity atlas contains illustrated stories of eleven major eco-regions throughout California, including the state’s coastal and marine environment.

Happy reading! Be sure to join in on the nationwide celebration online using the hashtag #ReadAcrossAmerica.

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