New Digital Delivery for Environmental Education: Teachers Gain Easier Access to Environmental Curriculum via Lessoneer

10_13_2015_EEI Laura Honda_0123_Final
EEI curriculum materials are
available free of charge.

SACRAMENTO–The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) is announcing a new partnership to give California teachers easier access to the state’s Education and the Environment Initiative curriculum. As part of a new agreement with EdCaliber, materials for EEI’s free, 85-unit curriculum will be available to all subscribers on the company’s Lessoneer digital platform at no added cost.

“Anything we can do to make it easier for schools to take advantage of this free, K-12 curriculum is a win for California’s students and teachers,” Office of Education and the Environment head Bryan Ehlers said. “CalRecycle looks forward to boosting accessibility even more through additional partnerships with private businesses that value environmental literacy for our next generation of problem-solvers.”

Every California teacher and school district will continue to have free access to EEI’s state-sponsored curriculum and materials online at Signed into law in 2003, the Education and the Environment Initiative mandated the creation of a standards-based curriculum to bring education about the environment into California’s K-12 schools. The EEI curriculum was approved by the State Board of Education in 2010 and is now being used by thousands of teachers statewide to support Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

10_13_2015_EEI Laura Honda_0473_Final
A Marin County fourth-grader gets a hands-on lesson with EEI student

“Lessoneer provides an ideal vehicle for school districts to adopt and implement the EEI curriculum,” EdCaliber CEO Kevin Stone said. “By breaking out all required and supplemental materials for each lesson and highlighting the key details that teachers need at a glance, Lessoneer streamlines teacher planning and instruction.”

By adding EEI materials to Lessoneer’s diverse library of curricula and teaching materials, subscribers to this digital platform have easier access to these state-sponsored materials at no added cost. The agreement with EdCaliber marks CalRecycle’s first partnership with a private business to broaden access to the EEI curriculum. Any businesses interested in a similar partnership can contact CalRecycle’s Office of Education and the Environment to learn more.

This press release was written by CalRecycle’s Office of Public Affairs.

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